Kirkus Hearts Hollowgirl

HollowGirl-HC-CoverI won’t post the entire review because it’s full of spoilers, but there is this great quote:

“The final act is packed with surprises that make perfect sense in retrospect. A philosophical marathon.”

Which sums up exactly what I’m looking for in a book: an ending that isn’t obvious in advance but arises out of what came before, and a reading experience that stretches the brain. Thanks, Kirkus Reviews!

Note: Hollowgirl is called Fall in Australia. Both will be out late October. Just for the hell of it, here’s the opening paragraph:

Clair was twelve the first time a story about d-mat truly scared her. She was at a sleepover with Libby and a girl named Jude, a friend who later drifted away after getting into sports. They had been whispering long past their bedtime when Libby said in an almost gleeful voice, “Did you hear the one about the girl who used d-mat to lose weight . . . and died?”

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