Further Adventures

Apart from the novels Twinmaker (aka Jump in Australia), Crashland (Crash), and Hollowgirl (Fall), I have written many, many stories concerning the teleporting technology I call “d-mat”. Some have been published in the leading magazines of the day. Some have won or been nominated for awards. Some came out in my newsletter or as guest posts on blogs. All try to present another aspect of this wonderful idea – the ability to go anywhere, anytime, for free. If we choose to.

These stories come in different flavors and genres, from flash fiction to novel-length, from horror to humour. There are even some poems. In them you’ll find inventive criminals, deadly shortcuts, unlucky travellers, and every manner of cultural quirk that has ever found its way into an urban myth.

There are also deleted scenes from the novels, which didn’t make the cut for one reason or another, and some essays on older matter transmitter stories and why I think the trope is so interesting.

In all, there’s over three extra novels worth of material, nearly all of it free for anyone to read. See below for more info and links. Enjoy!


In chronological order:

Here is a list of the stories as they wrap around the novels, from the beginning of d-mat to the end of humanity itself.

Early Days of D-mat

Life in the Age of D-mat

Crime in the Age of D-mat


  • 113 – A complete rewriting of Twinmaker from Q’s point of view. (free – blog post)
  • “I, Q” – A series of thirty-one short pieces that tells the story of Twinmaker from Q’s point of view (Allen & Unwin – an abbreviated form of 113)
  • “Incomplete No.7” – Tells the story of Twinmaker from the point of view of a lonely dupe. (Review of Australian Fiction)
  • “Wolf’s Clothing” – A vigilante who uses cancer to kill meets his match in Forest and Sargent. (See “The Thirteenth Protocol”, at the top of the page.)


Hollowgirl/Fall – Aurealis Award nominee

  • “Redux” – Stuck in New York while the world is ending, and all you want do is find your girlfriend who made it happen. (Allen and Unwin)


Far future

Alternate Timeline

NB: If you’re interested in knowing who appears in what stories, there’s a “family tree” here.


Six-word stories

  • Here are a handful of tiny bonuses, rather silly six-word stories, each of which is shorter than this sentence.


  • Here you’ll find find a villanelle (“D-mat is perfectly safe, okay”) and the tragic romance of “Love in the Time of the Matter Transmitter”.


I dig breaking the stories apart and putting them back together again.

Over the course of almost a year I tweeted selected lines from Twinmaker, partly to keep the book out in the ether, partly to highlight my favourite lines and moments, also as an exercise to see what the book would look like after such a radical disintegration. You can read the “raw” extracts and a brief commentary on them here. Then I did the same thing with “I, Q” and Crashland. The hashtag version of Hollowgirl is available here.

There’s a remix hashtag to help you find posts relating to this kind of thing.

The Murdering Twinmaker

Finally, f you’re interested in reading about my PhD, which touches on matters related to teleporters and Twinmaker, you can find a list of posts and excerpts here.

Deleted Scenes:

These are scenes cut from earlier drafts of Twinmaker. Actions scenes, alternate endings, lost character moments . . . just like the special features on a DVD, these are all the bits that were too bad to go in but too good to get rid of forever! (The image below is an unused cover concept. Read more about that here.)

This is a deleted scene from Crashland:

These are deleted scenes from “I, Q”.

Here’s an alternate ending to Hollowgirl.

Essays and opinion pieces:

Personally, I think the matter transmitter is the greatest science fiction idea ever invented, and I’ve written a lot of words to back up that opinion. I even have a PhD in the subject! Here on my blog and elsewhere I’ve written quite a bit about it, enough to think there might be a book in it one day. Until then, here’s some short pieces to give you an idea.

And finally, follow this link and press play to see a video campaign my friend Sputnik developed for d-mat before the first book came out. Fun times!


  1. The book was thought provoking in its out-of-the-box propositions, and tantalizing in its clever possibilities. However, it left me hanging as if there’s more to the story. I see that you have several short companion stories to “Twinmaker”, but will you be writing a sequel to the book? I feel as if it’s missing an ending and I want more! I really enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Enough with vampires and werewolves, we need more seriously unique sci-fi such as this that causes the reader to think. After all, as has been evident with many older sci-fi authors, your subject matter may not remain fiction for long and could be a pre-cautionary tale for the relatively near future. Awesome read, need more!
    Sincerely, Cat FitzGerald

    • Thanks for your feedback, Cat. I’m really pleased you liked the book. As it happens, re a sequel, you’re in luck! The second book comes out at the end of this month. Crashland (Crash in Australia) picks up right from where Twinmaker (Jump) left off. There will be a third, which I’m tidying up right now. And then the story will be done.

      If you subscribe to the newsletter today (you’ll find a link at the latest post on the Twinmakerbooks blog) you’ll receive an exclusive short prequel and the first chapter to Crashland, to whet your appetite. 🙂

  2. […] and short stories featuring the trope (plus my very first, unpublished short), and the number of Twinmaker-related stories just passed twenty-five. I’m currently working on two more, and I have an unsold novel featuring […]