“I, Q” ebook – cover reveal

The Twinmaker tie-in e-book “I, Q”, which tells the story of the novel from the point of view of Q, comes out next week (September 1st, from the good people at Allen & Unwin) and the cover is now live!

Isn’t that a beauty? Here’s the blurb:

I was not I at all before the Words. I was formless and diffuse, with the sense of an earthworm but the perspective of a god. I had access to all the data accrued by the human race since the advent of writing . . . everywhere, and at the same time nowhere.

Q is an AI – an Artificial Intelligence – newly created from a world of powerful supercomputers and matter transportation. But what happens when Q meets Clair, a real, flesh and blood girl? Is friendship possible between a human and a computer?

A brilliant novella, retelling events of the Twinmaker series from Q’s perspective.


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