“Tyranny” Reprinted in Star Quake 3

star-quake-3-front-cover-bright“Tyranny of Distance” is one of my favourite Twinmaker stories, inspired by the real story of a man who was killed while crossing America on foot for charity. It also references the town my mother’s family came from (one of my favourite places in the universe) and is dedicated to the memory of an old friend who took his life two years ago. There’s a lot going in there, hence the size. It’s one of the longest Twinmaker tales I’ve written to date.

I was excited that SQ Mag published it in 2014, and was thrilled even further when they selected it for their best-of for the year.

The collection is now available, featuring fifteen stories all up, and it’s well worth the cover price. Go buy it now!

Coming later in the year: “Noah No-one and the Infinity Machine” in Twelfth Planet Press’ Year’s Best YA Speculative Fiction of 2015. With these two reprints, the imminent Tapas launch, and the award noms, it’s been a great year so far.

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