“The ‘Murdering Twinmaker'” Is Murdering Your Trees

Thanks to my wonderful supervisors and examiners (and various critical supporters, such as my wife, without whom none of this) my PhD is going to be awarded real soon now (touchwood) making me something of an official expert in matter transmitters–or, as I prefer to call it, “Doctor D-mat”.

Before I can start pompously insisting that everyone calls me that, there’s the small matter of the paperwork. Which includes a very large amount of paper invested in bound editions of both my exegesis and my creative work. To whit:

both spines - edited

Came today. I think they look awesome. Best covers ever.

The slim volume is the critical exegesis, of which you’ll probably hear more if you stick around this site (I’ve already posted the intro). The fatty is a radically trimmed-down version of Twinmaker told from the first-person point of view of the character Q (as opposed to the third-person POV of Clair). What is “Iteration 113”? What facets of the world can Q reveal that we haven’t seen before? Well, again, you’ll find out in time. Just like I performed radical surgery on Twinmaker to create Making and Remaking Iteration 113, soo to have I transformed Making and Remaking into the “Q Files”, and that will feature here in coming weeks, broken into 31 parts–one for every day of the month, if that month happens to be January, March, May, July, August, October or December.

So I’m one step closer to wearing a robe and a funny hat and popping a bottle of bubbly. There might be a happy dance on the uni lawns, too.

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