The Eisenhower Matrix: How to Prioritize Your To-Do List 2024

These unimportant, non-urgent distractions are simply getting in the way of you accomplishing your goals. Place these remaining items on your to-do list in the fourth quadrant, which is the “delete” quadrant. Once you know how to distinguish between what are the 2 axes in the eisenhower box urgent and important tasks, you can begin separating your tasks into the four quadrants of the Eisenhower Matrix. Are you struggling to get the most out of your productivity tools? Here are some things you can do to use them more effectively.

eisenhower matrix app

Using task-related actions, you can easily trigger e-mails that include your task description for delegating tasks to other people. Cloud Sync
If you log in using your account, both the iPhone and web client synchronize automatically. No matter which one you use, your lists are always up to date. The Eisenhower Matrix is a task management tool that helps you organize and prioritize tasks by urgency and importance.

Task Manager & Eisenhower Box

Let’s explore the Eisenhower Matrix system and some mobile apps that take advantage of this feature to organize your tasks. Even if you have a lot of tasks on your to-do list, try to limit your tasks to 10 items per quadrant. This will keep your Eisenhower Matrix from becoming cluttered and overwhelming. The Eisenhower Matrix is a way to organize tasks by urgency and importance, so you can effectively prioritize your most important work. For further customization, you can add tags to every note on your matrix.

eisenhower matrix app

When you see a task on your to-do list that must be done now, has clear consequences, and affects your long-term goals, place it in this quadrant. A long to-do list of tasks can feel overwhelming, but the goal of the Eisenhower Matrix is to go through these tasks one by one and separate them by quadrant. Once you can see your tasks in their designated categories, you’ll be able to schedule them  and accomplish your most important work.

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Here are some tips that can help you with prioritization as you sort your tasks in each quadrant. Quadrant three is the “delegate” quadrant, and this is where you’ll place any tasks that are urgent but not important. These tasks must be completed now, but they don’t affect your long-term goals. Quadrant two is the “schedule” quadrant, and this is where you’ll place any tasks that are not urgent but are still important. Because these tasks affect your long-term goals but don’t need to be done right away, you can schedule these tasks for later.

On the Go
Eisenhower is your personal time management assistant for your smartphone. Multilingual
With the help of friends, we are in the process of translating Eisenhower to even more languages Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Russian. Once you’ve gone through your to-do list and added tasks to the first three quadrants, you’ll notice that a handful of tasks are left over.

Data Linked to You

Use task management software to determine which of your tasks are of highest priority. With task management, you can categorize, color-code, and delegate tasks to your team. Let the Eisenhower Matrix increase your productivity so you can achieve your goals in less time. TickTick is a widely-used task management app to keep on top of your priorities.

Dwight – ToDo Priority Matrix is an app that makes intelligent use of the Eisenhower Matrix. The homepage showcases how many tasks are due in each quadrant as well as breaking down tasks by their due date. By using this system, you won’t have to think twice about how to best tackle your to-do list.

Focus Matrix – Task Manager

For an extra touch, you can modify the quadrants’ position by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner. Here are some game-changing apps that leverage the Eisenhower Matrix for optimal task organization. Another way to limit the number of items on your Eisenhower Matrix is to create separate matrices for your personal and professional to-do lists. Quadrant one is the “do” quadrant, and this is where you’ll place any tasks that are both urgent and important.

  • Try out this time management system to spend more time on what’s most important and reduce time spent working on smaller tasks.
  • The best way to understand the difference between urgency and importance is to use the Eisenhower Matrix, but you may still find yourself struggling to prioritize your tasks.
  • The tasks left over are tasks that weren’t urgent or important.
  • Check your organizational score often to keep your to-do list as tidy as possible.

When something is urgent, it must be done now, and there are clear consequences if you don’t complete these tasks within a certain timeline. These are tasks you can’t avoid, and the longer you delay these tasks, the more stress you’ll likely experience, which can lead to burnout. TickTick uses the Eisenhower Matrix seamlessly, so you can improve your time management skills.

Eisenhower Matrix App for Android?

There is no place to look at something at the project level and assign the tasks from there. If there were a “Projects” list (sort of how the Inbox is implemented) that could help. Making a to-do list is the first step toward getting work done. But how do you determine what to tackle first when you don’t have enough time to do everything in one day? With effective prioritization, you can increase your productivity and ensure that your most urgent tasks get immediate attention.

eisenhower matrix app

I’m a few days in and thinking Focus matrix might do the trick. The interface and its a subtle way of “training” our brains to think in terms of the 4 boxes. I especially like that a task automatically moves to urgent and important as it nears its due date. I used to use this app all the time because you could set a timer for certain tasks. You can still do that, but (unlike the previous iteration) Focus Mode now fades to black as my phone goes to sleep. In the previous version the app stayed on and you could see how much time you had left on your task.

See all your pending tasks in one place

I consider the Eisenhower Matrix to be sort of a power-user’s time management system, but this is definitely NOT a power-user’s app. If you used the paper-based Franklin Covey planning system you will love Focus Matrix. After years of using more complicated apps to follow the GTD system, I find Focus Matrix helps guide me in choosing fewer tasks with bigger payoffs. I find myself moving away from frenetically cramming in every task possible in a given time to instead doing a few tasks that will take me furthest for that day. I’m taking off one star because the app is limited by having no place for projects.

eisenhower matrix app

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