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“The Other Fly”

Not to be confused with this fly. Drugs and d-mat are a match made in heaven. We’ve all heard the stories: there are farmers who grow mutated crops in search of the next super-high, which they’ll pattern and distribute to anyone who has the right contacts. There are molecular mechanics who change substances one particle […]

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“The Devil D-mat”

Thanks to the brilliant person who, at an appearance at Stefen’s Books, gave me the idea for this story. The girl was possessed, her father said. A demon had got into her when she jumped by d-mat to New York in order to see an unsanctioned boy. (Who was himself in the grip of the […]

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“The Ghost of What Might Have Been”

No one talks about Anima Mutri anymore. Have you heard of her? No, I didn’t think so. She used to be an activist for social equality– women’s rights, anti-prejudice, that kind of thing. A friend of mine in the Abstainer movement met her once. Activists generally stick together, whether they’re boycotting d-mat or dumping shit […]

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“The Hacker”

This sounds like one of those stories, but I swear it’s true. D-mat wasn’t always free. It cost money–remember money?–and it was rationed. If you used up your allowance at the beginning of the week, then you’d be stuck at home on the weekend, unable to go out with your friends. We were always looking […]

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