“Twinmaker took my breath away. A triumph of thrilling action and vivid

imagination.”-Alison Goodman, author of EON and EONA


“A mind-blowing adventure about what it means to be human, and what it means

to find ourselves.”-Scott Westerfeld, author of UGLIES and LEVIATHAN


“A gripping YA thriller, coming of age and love story that transports the

reader to a future that looks a whole lot better than it really is …

Highly Recommended.”-Garth Nix, author of SABRIEL


“Twinmaker asks smart questions without easy answers, and presents a future

so simultaneously wonderful and terrible you can only believe in it–and

maybe wish you could be there, too. A thrilling, existential head trip

worthy of my favorite anime, I couldn’t stop reading this book. More

importantly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”-Alaya Dawn Johnson, author



“In a time when every second book seems to be a dour dystopia TWINMAKER is a

breath of fresh air. Not just because it’s hugely fun, or because it’s so

smart, but because behind its vision of a world in which distance has been

eliminated by matter transportation lies a book urgently engaged with the

ways social media and technology are transforming us, and unafraid of their

possibilities. I loved it.”


“Williams marries accessibly explored moral ramifications of future

technologies-a hallmark of mature science fiction-with a strong, capable

teen heroine and heart-pounding action” -KIRKUS

Two Brief D-mat Poems

“D-mat is perfectly safe, okay” D-mat is perfectly safe, okay. Instant, convenient, painless, free! Prefectly safe in every way. Forget about cars, boats, bikes, trains and planes! If you need to get from A to B, D-mat is prefcetly safe, okay. The best way to get from B back to A! Be where you need […]

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“A View Before Dying”

This novella came out long before the Twinmaker novels, and remains one of my favourites from the d-mat universe. Enjoy! The moment Rod Hallows opened his eyes, he knew something had gone wrong. He could feel it—even if, for the moment, he could see nothing. His first instinct was to call for help, but the […]

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“On the Road to Tarsus”

This is a very early d-mat story, written before the world of Twinmaker existed. I hope you enjoy it! “I hate this fucking town,” my sister said on the day she disappeared. “I hate it almost as much as I hate you, you little shit.” I can remember her words clearly—as though she is saying […]

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“Rare Justice”

Here’s a story that predates the entire Twinmaker experiment, set far in the future of the novels. Enjoy! On a far-flung moonlet, a rare device flickered into life. Hradek Zanshin, High Ethnarch of the Ataman Theocracy, stepped out of the reconstruction chamber and took a deep breath. To look at, he wasn’t much: shortish; dark […]

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“The Other Fly”

Not to be confused with this fly. Drugs and d-mat are a match made in heaven. We’ve all heard the stories: there are farmers who grow mutated crops in search of the next super-high, which they’ll pattern and distribute to anyone who has the right contacts. There are molecular mechanics who change substances one particle […]

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