“Twinmaker took my breath away. A triumph of thrilling action and vivid

imagination.”-Alison Goodman, author of EON and EONA


“A mind-blowing adventure about what it means to be human, and what it means

to find ourselves.”-Scott Westerfeld, author of UGLIES and LEVIATHAN


“A gripping YA thriller, coming of age and love story that transports the

reader to a future that looks a whole lot better than it really is …

Highly Recommended.”-Garth Nix, author of SABRIEL


“Twinmaker asks smart questions without easy answers, and presents a future

so simultaneously wonderful and terrible you can only believe in it–and

maybe wish you could be there, too. A thrilling, existential head trip

worthy of my favorite anime, I couldn’t stop reading this book. More

importantly, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”-Alaya Dawn Johnson, author



“In a time when every second book seems to be a dour dystopia TWINMAKER is a

breath of fresh air. Not just because it’s hugely fun, or because it’s so

smart, but because behind its vision of a world in which distance has been

eliminated by matter transportation lies a book urgently engaged with the

ways social media and technology are transforming us, and unafraid of their

possibilities. I loved it.”


“Williams marries accessibly explored moral ramifications of future

technologies-a hallmark of mature science fiction-with a strong, capable

teen heroine and heart-pounding action” -KIRKUS

“Happy Families”

“Happy Families” 

Too much love can kill, I guess. I had a friend at school whose aunt started a company to save the bees. And the frogs and the Siberian tigers and the pandas and all the other animals that were dying out around the world. All she needed was one living specimen and she could guarantee […]

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When money has no value any more, why would anyone try to counterfeit it? The answer is, there’s lots of different definitions of value . . . Did you hear about the time money almost destroyed the world? No, not capitalism. My granddad used to go on about the Big Crash for hours if you’d […]

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Doctor D-mat

So, I wrote a PhD, and guess what? It was on matter transmitters. I found out the day I left for England that it had been accepted. Here’s the intro, which goes some way towards outlining why I think d-mat is so cool. Warning: it’s pretty dry! I have added a lolcat chaser, but even […]

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This is an urban myth from the very early days of d-mat. You can listen to me reading this here or here, or download the recording here. My grandfather has this story from when he was young–ten, fifteen, I don’t know. Back then you had to carry a card to use d-mat. The booth recognized […]

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Blog Tour: First Stop, the Bookonaut

It has begun! Sean from Adventures of a Bookonaut interviewed me about matter transmission and Twinmaker: Jump: “Any device that can scan your every atom and rebuild you at will leads inevitably to the possibilities of copying, mutation and erasure, all of which put severe pressure on our sense of self. If you can change […]

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