New Story: “Immaterial Progress” (100!)

ImmaterialMy 100th story is now available from Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. It charts the evolution of the urban myth concerning what happened when the first person went through d-mat. It riffs on the mutation of stories as well as the mutation of the body, using a non-standard structure and even a joke or two. Enjoy! (Some thoughts on hitting the magic ton here.)

Here’s a quick glimpse:


Q: “Speculation regarding a leaked recording of events in the receiving chamber just will not die away. Would you care to comment, Professor Joosten?”

A: “No, I would not.”

Q: “Is it true that you were violently ill immediately upon arrival?”

A: “Of course it’s not true! These are lies spread by critics and competitors, and they have no basis in reality whatsoever!”


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