Hashtag Redux

Hot on the heels of Hashtag Crashland, here’s the list of raw text for the tweets accompanying the release of Redux. This overlapped books two and three of the series because that’s what the novella does. (You can buy the original here, for less than a dollar!)

  • Redux - glitchJesse longed to kiss Clair for luck, but now wasn’t the time, even if he *was* about to die. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Save Ray now and worry about the rest later, Jesse told himself. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Jesse Linwood remained Jesse Linwood, even though everything he had been taught to believe said that this was wrong. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Looking around Jesse had the unnerving impression that the room had just become bigger. Were his eyes playing tricks on him or had d-mat damaged his brain? #TwinmakerRedux
  • Jesse touched his goatee. Now was not the time to defend his manhood. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Jesse didn’t mind playing the ignoramus if, in the process, he learned something that might help them escape. #TwinmakerRedux
  • ‘One thing I’ll say,’ commented the first dupe as the elevator doors opened on the ground floor, ‘this shit is for real.’ #TwinmakerRedux
  • Jesse was used to the paranoid fantasies of his father and his friends. For the first time in his life he wondered if they hadn’t been paranoid enough. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Jesse closed his eyes, uttered a silent prayer to all seven of Japan’s lucky gods, and gave Theo their location. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Marcia’s parents had become Abstainers after a friend died during a d-mat jump: she’d arrived at her destination with the wrong blood type in her veins. #TwinmakerRedux
  • What would Clair do? Jesse asked himself. Would she sit around drinking tea and feeling sorry for herself? #TwinmakerRedux
  • Some soldier he’d make, standing around thinking about how clever he was while everyone else locked and loaded. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Free New York!’ Marcia shouted from the other side of the park, provoking even more gunfire. #TwinmakerRedux
  • There had to be a name for what he was feeling – for someone who looked exactly the same as someone who no longer existed. #TwinmakerRedux
  • Clair wouldn’t stop until everyone was safe. It was Jesse’s job to help her.#TwinmakerRedux

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