New Story: “The Dark Matters”

Galaxy's Edge Cover001I’m late posting late this because it slipped under my radar, but I’m nonetheless totally excited to be in Galaxy’s Edge with The Dark Matters”, one of my favourite Twinmaker stories to date. This short tale bubbled away in my mind literally for years, before, like many stories, coming to life in a sudden rush. I can’t remember what was the missing piece: the structure, maybe, or the closing line. Anyway, it’s done now, and out in the world, and I hope people like it.

Is it science fiction? Is it horror? You be the one to decide.

Here’s the opening:


The one thing she cannot think is that she’s crazy.

Susan Barker is a small teenager with brown hair. Her weight is within the healthy band, and when she talks her eyes are still. When her therapist responds, however, her gaze moves constantly, roving around the office as though looking for something.

“They live in the shadows,” she says. “They come out at night.”

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